Tuesday, 29 November 2011

Development of education

Any education at any level if involves the ' Thought Process',can best be delivered in the respective mother tounge only .
An attempt ,in this direction in early sixties in Bombay municipal schools 
under the direction of scientists from TIFR is worth mentioning .Text 
books for post primary i.e.6th,7th&8th classes science were developed
in Marathi  ,at least the basic process at that level was given full liberty to grow and it yielded encouraging results .Taking a step ahead ,later a groupagain led by one from TIFR together with a small group drawn from IITK,DU & few locals tried in the state of Madhya-pradesh at BANKHEDI avillage in Hoshangabad district under the banner of Kishore-Bharti ,by publishing a book बाल-वैज्ञानिक in Hindi for the same level .The results were encouraging .
This type of activity ,in the year 1974 was started
in the state of U.P.in Banda districit at village Atarra under the banner
of Science Education Centre adding few more dimensions beside science teaching in Hindi . 
This group took inspiration from the attainments of scientists who through their 'own' languages ,in particular ,Russians & Japanis. .Interacting with the scientists with those countries ,found that they 
were strong at science ,however ,very poor at English ,the language
championed by a certain 'class'of people.
Beside ,this a sense of pride if to be realised then ,own language,
own dress ,own religion as a NATION ,becomes a natural need .
I am highly impressed by the people of Maharashtra and people of
South,for preserving and propagating the native food,native dress and
native culture .I am neither against any language nor any person ,but 
thought to share my first -hand-experience with the learned group ,
hence a very humble submission .
,Oct.24,2011,Kasmada House,Gali no.2,Ajad Nagar,Morar,Gwalior,
 M.P. 474006

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  1. I think that , the message you are giving through this post is very good. The Indian government should build a national language commission to promote the use of national language Hindi. In our education system we need so many reforms to tackle these problems. Keep writing good post.