Sunday, 28 August 2011

Chintan Discussion

Dear Prof .Gupta,
                            I m highly impressed by ur analytical,factual nd categorical expression n the current debate. Although ,joining late ,however,i feel my filler is not out of context .

 I wish to add two points .One, about Kargil,the other about Mr.Nehru .
                    Kargil victory ,was not b'cauz of ' BOFORS ' GUN AT ALL 
rather the firm determination to get the hills freed from invaders 
                   MY fellow country men ,,in 1999 we were lacking
 army officer of the calibre of.Jagjeet Singh of 1965 War,who
managed the CANNON FODDER ,essential in such terrains by hanging lanterns in the neck of sheeps and pushing them to climb
the hills ,creating the impression of movement of a large army 
contingent under the fire cover .In short ,this forced the Pak contingent to flee . (The same soldier 
Lt.Gen.jagjit Singh ,who took charge on ground of ,the then East
Pakistan  in Dhaaka  in 1971 to fecilitate the surrender of 93000
thousands Pak soldiers  ),
    So the Same need  i.e.CANNON FODDER was fed , this time 
in 1999 ,through the sacrifice of very large number of soldiers
very large number almost unbelievable to achieve the ouster of 
a handful of Pak occupants from that difficult terrain 
  Those who r mesmerized by Mr.Nehru's  style of running the 
country ,may pl.note that -Defeat in war against China was b'cauz of ,Nehru's wrong  choice of putting his 
first cousin ,Lt.Gen.B.M.Kaul  G.O.C. eastern command ,
 in charge of operations in that area ,,who was almost a no soldier
but an officer only in too much of contrast as that of SAM  who succeded kaul during debacle and started holding firm to the ground .
        Even Kashmir  P     R   O   B   L    E      M, as it is  ,today,is the
U P H A R by Mr.Nehru to his fellow countrymen and generations to come .With regards to all and malice to none ,
- Mahipal

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